University of Rhode Island and Partners Promote App for Buying Seafood Direct From Local Fishermen

KINGSTON, R.I. – When the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management offered an opportunity for fishermen to sell their catch direct to consumers as a means of supporting the commercial fishing industry during the pandemic, fishermen were pleased with the opportunity but struggled to connect with consumers seeking to buy seafood.

Now a new smartphone application is available to bridge the gap between the fishermen and potential customers, thanks to a partnership between the University of Rhode Island Fisheries Center, Rhode Island Sea Grant, Eating with the Ecosystem, the Commercial Fisheries Research Center, and the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative.

The FishLine app, developed in California and adapted for use in Rhode Island, is a central marketplace for seafood being sold by local fishermen to consumers in the area. It allows fishermen to post what species they caught each day, their prices, and their sales location and hours. It also provides recipes and information about each species and how they are caught, as well as stories and photos from the fishermen.

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