Walmart to put Indian Shrimp on the Blockchain

Walmart is collaborating with IBM’s Food Trust initiative to improve the supply of delicious seafood shrimp from India. Walmart also promised to help small seafood exporters to attain Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification to improve product competitiveness on the global market.

Shrimp on the Blockchain

Given the increasing consumer demands to trace the sources of the food they buy, companies want to deliver what consumers want. IBM spearheaded the quest for transparency in the food business by building its a platform that uses blockchain to improves transparency, standardization, and efficiency within the food supply chain.

Different enterprises can use the IBM platform to benefit from the use of blockchain in the food supply chain. Recently, Walmart an American multinational retail corporation announced its collaboration with IBM’s Food Trust hub to improve the supply of shrimp from India. The company has already launched a pilot scheme with an Indian local food processor from the Indian Southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

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