Wegmans’ ‘Sushi Fest’ Features Bluefin Tuna and Attracts Hundreds

The Wegmans at the Village at Valley Forge in King of Prussia is having a “Sushi Fest” Friday and Saturday, where the company flies in fresh fish from around the world for a two-day event mirrored after Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market.

At noon each day of the event, the brass bells start ringing and there is a “Maguro no Kaitai” show, literally a tuna filleting event that includes a whole, farm-raised bluefin tuna cut with a 6-foot knife and portioned out throughout the crowd, while a live stream video projects this action onto screens for onlookers not immediately near the cutting table. Final cuts are styled into “saku blocks,” which are available for purchase.

There is also a game like “rock-paper-scissors,” where the winners get a free package of fatty rib meat called nakaochi, executives said, and an auction of toro, or fatty belly meat. Customers can order various sashimi, such as octopus from Toyosu and scallops from Hokkaido, , among other delectables.

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