World Seafood Map 2022: Seafood Trade Keeps Growing From Strength to Strength

Global seafood demand rebounded strongly post-Covid-19, adding USD 13bn of trade in 2021, driven by growing demand for high-value seafood in the US, EU, and China. This soaring demand for fishery and aquaculture products has positioned seafood as the most traded animal protein, with an estimated trade value of USD 164bn in 2021 and a 2.44% CAGR (2011-2021). In 2021, seafood trade was roughly 3.6 times the size of beef trade (the second most traded animal protein), five times the size of global pork trade, and eight times the size of poultry trade, signifying the importance of trade for the seafood sector.

55 Trade Flows Valued Over USD 400 Million Each

As our recently published World Seafood Map shows, global seafood trade is characterized by a broad diversity of products, with each having its own export and import markets.  There are 55 trade flows that are each valued at over USD 400m per year and an additional 19 trade flows that are valued between USD 200m and USD 400m, illustrating the international nature and diversity of seafood trade.

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