Acme Smoked Fish Corp. Introduces Smoked Nova Salmon Convenience Pack

Acme Smoked Fish Corp. today announced a new product to its family: the Smoked Nova Salmon Convenience Pack. Featuring four single-serve, individually-sealed packs of Acme’s classic Smoked Nova Salmon, the new pack offers freshness and convenience for a snack, lunch or on-the-go meal.

Acme Smoked Fish Corp. Introduces New Protein Bowls

January 14, 2019 Acme Smoked Fish Corporation

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is pleased to introduce its new Smoke Roasted Salmon Protein Bowl in two varieties, New England Lemon Dill and Moroccan Harissa. Acme is a family-owned and operated producer of smoked seafood specialties found in preferred stores, restaurants and delicatessens throughout the United States.