AIPH Green City Conference Presents ‘Living Green’ in Action

Bringing nature into the built environment and the local policies and strategies that activate these global agendas was the focus of the 2022 AIPH Green City Conference on 8 March.

AIPH Announces Finalists and New Date and Venue for International Grower of the Year 2022

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has announced the finalists of the International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2022. Nine ornamentals growers from around the globe have reached the final.

Horticultural Innovations and the Future of Green Cities at Expo 2022 Floriade Amsterdam Almere

Chair of the AIPH Exhibitions Committee, Mr Kevin Chung says: “This Floriade is the first AIPH-approved A1 World Horticultural Expo to take place since before the pandemic. I would like to congratulate the organisers on this amazing achievement and for preparing an event that fits so perfectly with the needs of our world right now. We need greener cities, and I look forward to visiting Floriade to see how they have created this green showcase for the world.”

Instant access to the International Statistics – Flowers and Plants 2021

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) in association with Union Fleurs, the International Flower Trade Association, announces the 69th version of the International Statistics – Flowers and Plants 2021.

International Conference Demonstrates Many Initiatives to Make Ornamental Horticulture More Sustainable

Sustainability is now a high priority, at the Board level, for many businesses in the ornamental horticulture industry. Not only is it critical for making a better world, but it is a core part of business decision making.