Alabama Oyster Farmers, Environmental Interests and Researchers Meet in the Middle With CORE Collaboration

July 13, 2021 Alabama News Center

CORE’s solution is straightforward. Buy the farmers’ extra oysters, the ones they couldn’t sell. That gives them some income and frees up farm space. Next, load these big, healthy oysters in a boat, motor over to existing wild oyster reefs identified by Marine Resources and dump them into the water, where they settle below on the reefs mostly in Mississippi Sound. So far, CORE has deployed about 189,000 oysters purchased from 11 farms, eight in Alabama and three in Mississippi.

’Like Christmas:’ Alabama’s Oyster Harvest Winds Down

February 18, 2020 Lawrence Specker,

Alabama’s oyster season came to a close Tuesday amid a mix of optimism and frustration, as harvesters put a lost year behind them and fretted about a bounty left outside their grasp.

Alabama Oyster Harvest Underway After Shutdown

February 12, 2020 ASSOCIATED PRESS

Alabama’s oyster harvest is back underway near Dauphin Island after a shutdown prompted by high water levels.

AL Oyster Harvest Providing Help as Shortage Impacts Gulf Seafood Industry

January 9, 2020 Cory Pippin, WPMI

Help is coming to the local seafood industry as the state of Alabama has launched its first oyster harvest in 2 years.