ABA at IBIE: Cookie Cracker Baking 101

Cookie & Cracker 101 will cover the basics of cookie & cracker manufacturing in four areas: ingredients, mixing, forming, and baking. The ingredient functionality is the basic building block of knowledge and will be covered in the following areas: structure, sweeteners, leavening, tenderizers and colors & flavorings.

Registration Open for ABA’s Technical Conference

A three-day intensive technical education conference specifically for cookie & cracker operations and manufacturing professionals from around the world.

Grain Chain, Led by ABA, Testifies on Health Benefits of Increased Grain Servings

The Grain Chain, a farm to fork coalition of stakeholders in the grain industry sector and chaired by the American Bakers Association (ABA), testified today on the nutritional benefits bread and grain-based products at the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) meeting.

Be a Mentor to Students at IBIE

Through IBIE’s Student Immersion Program, ABA is asking for volunteers to help mentor student attendees at IBIE. The benefit for them is that they can learn from a seasoned professional the ins and outs of the largest baking event in the Western Hemisphere.

You Don’t Need to be a Baker to Enroll in ABA’s Entry-Level Training

What is it like to take the Entry-Level Training Course, part of ABA’s Cookie & Cracker Academy?