The American Floral Endowment’s 2022 Fundraising Campaign Funding the Future of Floriculture

Envision a future full of flowers! The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is inviting the floral industry to join them in their annual fundraising campaign – Funding the Future of Floriculture. Look ahead with AFE, as they share innovative research with new advances, scholarships and internships for the next generation of leaders, grants to enable the continued education of all industry members, and more.

AFE’s Strategic Plan Outlines Priorities for Funding the Future of Floriculture

As the industry continues to adapt to the changing world and new ways of conducting business, the American Floral Endowment (AFE) took the opportunity to also take a deeper look at how they can better support industry members and businesses through their floriculture programs and funding. Through an eight-month Strategic Planning effort, new priorities, goals, and initiatives were identified to provide for continued growth in the industry.

Apply with Ease with AFE’s New Platform for Scholarship Applications

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is now accepting applications for our nearly 30 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships through a brand-new online platform. This new platform will increase ease for both students and reviewers creating a shorter path to funding.  

The Value of AFE’s Young Professionals Council

February 25, 2022 American Floral Endowment

One of the best ways to ensure a brighter future for our industry is investing in the next generation of young professionals. Every which way you turn, you’ll find exceedingly bright minds and eager youth, ready to take on the next challenge. Facilitating their career development and a path for success is at the forefront of the American Floral Endowment’s priorities. Enter our Young Professionals Council (YPC) – an interactive group of like-minded industry members between 21 and 35 looking to advance their careers, gain leadership skills, and advance the floral industry together.

Suntory Flowers Partners with AFE to Establish a New Scholarship

January 12, 2022 American Floral Endowment

Additional funding opportunities are now available for junior and senior undergraduates through the Suntory Flowers “Dream Big!” Scholarship. This scholarship is established by Suntory Flowers to inspire innovation and encourage students to explore the many possibilities available to them within the floral industry. This scholarship joins 27 other scholarships available through the American Floral Endowment (AFE).