Washington Apple Industry Loses Organic Sales Pioneer

December 20, 2022 FullTilt Marketing

A 27-year veteran of the apple industry Matt Miles made a name for himself in organic apple sales dating back to 1997 with a variety of companies like FirstFruits Marketing & L&M Northwest.

Fresh Innovations California joins the Peterson Farms Family of Companies

The Peterson family is pleased to announce the addition of Fresh Innovations California, LLC, to the Peterson Farms FAMILY OF COMPANIES. Fresh Innovations California, located in Stockton, California, specializes in organic and conventional fresh-cut apple slices, under the brand Prize Slice, supplying schools and retail throughout the United States.

Kissabel, The Season Gets Into Full Swing With the Italian and German Harvests, First Apples in the United States

December 7, 2022 Kissabel

Excellent taste and outstanding internal colour: the Kissabel® apple harvest in the Northern Hemisphere has produced positive results. Following the yellow- and orange-skinned varieties in Switzerland, the UK and France, in October German, Italian, British and US growers completed the harvest of varieties with a red skin and flesh.

Cosmic Crisp Apples Become Year-Round Variety and Catches Organic Ring with Stemilt’s EZ Band

November 23, 2022 Stemilt

Amid a smaller national apple crop, Cosmic Crisp® apples will launch as a year-round variety on December 1 as it grows in volume, especially in organics. Stemilt marketing director, Brianna Shales, shares how Cosmic Crisp® is poised for promotion this season and how retailers can ensure organic ring at checkout with Stemilt’s EZ Band.

Pre-Solicitation Announcement for CCC Purchase of Fresh Apples, Pears, Potatoes, and Mixed Fresh Produce Boxes

November 10, 2022 USDA AMS

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced plans to purchase Fresh Apples, Pears, Potatoes, and Mixed Fresh Produce Boxes for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programs. Purchases will be made under the authority