Eggs That Will Hatch Into Genetically Modified Salmon Arrive in U.S.

May 30, 2019 Jessie Higgins, UPI

The Atlantic salmon eggs, owned by AquAdvantage of Massachusetts, were shipped from the company’s Canadian hatchery to one in Albany, Ind. The company hopes to begin harvesting in late 2020, spokesman Dave Conley said.

AquaBounty Considers Labeling Genetically Modified Salmon

The U.S.-based company that’s about to start the commercial production of genetically modified salmon in P.E.I. says it’s considering labelling the product as such.

First Genetically Modified Salmon to Hit Canadian Stores as Ottawa Gives the Nod

Genetically modified salmon raised in Prince Edward Island are poised for the leap to grocery shelves, a Canadian first that has left traditional producers concerned about setting their farmed fish apart.

Senator Hungry for Genetically Engineered Fish

After touring a land-based fish farm that is preparing to raise genetically engineered salmon, U.S. Senator Todd Young is ready to eat.