Dutch Turbot Farmer First In World To Achieve ASC Flatfish Certification

Based in the province of Zeeland, Seafarm has been producing farmed seafood for decades, and takes a ‘whole circle’ approach to farming turbot, from breeding to selling the fish in their on-site restaurant.

Seafood Watch Rates All ASC-certified Salmon as a ‘Buy Option’

If you have seen that Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch has rated farmed salmon from British Columbia as ‘red’ in its latest ratings, you would be forgiven for thinking that meant all salmon from this area should be off the menu – but you’d also be wrong.

ASC Appoints Ally Dingwall as Senior Director of Technical Operations

The ASC has appointed Ally Dingwall as Senior Director of Technical Operations, a new role providing leadership and coordination to ASC’s standard systems and certification assurance processes.

Bluglacier’s ASC, BAP Certified Silverside Algae-Fed Coho Harvest Season is Quickly Approaching in the U.S. This Fall With a Totally New Look and Feel

October 5, 2021 Bluglacier

 Chilean salmon distributor BluGlacier, along with salmon producer Ventisqueros, are pleased to announce that they just completed a major facelift to its Silverside algae-fed Coho salmon brand.

ASC Launches Consultation on New Requirements to Improve Welfare of Farmed Fish

The ASC is consulting the public on new requirements to improve the welfare of farmed fish that take advantage of new developments and research to cover issues including water quality, stocking density and slaughter.