Aquaculture Industry is Headed for a Sea Change

As the world’s population grows, and wild-capture fisheries either are maxed out or declining, farmed seafood options will become an increasingly important source of animal protein, according to a new Nature Conservancy and Encourage Capital report.

Enthusiasm Continues Building For Alaskan Mariculture Industry

Underwater and out of sight are the makings of a major Alaska industry with two anchor crops that clean the planet while pumping out lots of cash: shellfish and seaweed.

Aquaculture technology provider UMITRON launches Fish Appetite Index (FAI), real-time ocean-based fish appetite detection system

August 14, 2019 UMITRON

The FAI algorithm takes in the same visual information that humans would and then scores fish appetite and presents it in an easy to understand chart. When used in tandem with a smart feeder such as UMITRON CELL, the feed time intervals and amounts can be automatically adjusted with minimal human interference.

New Zealand King Salmon Applies for Open Ocean Farming

August 8, 2019 NZ King Salmon Co Limited

New Zealand King Salmon is taking a step towards the future in applying for resource consent to farm in the open ocean, north of Marlborough in the Cook Strait.

University of Miami Study Finds Offshore Aquaculture Has Low Environmental Impact

A new study led by scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science found minimal environmental impacts to the surrounding waters from a major commercial fish-farming operation off the coast of Panama.