Cooke Aquaculture Plans for Washington State Trout Farm May Face Another Legal Challenge

November 30, 2020 Barb Dean-Simmons, The Packet

A plan by New Brunswick-based Cooke Aquaculture to raise steelhead trout in Puget Sound, Washington State, may face another legal challenge.

Officials Say Fish Farm Holds Promise For Southwest Virginia

November 20, 2020 Associated Press

Officials in southwest Virginia are announcing plans for a large indoor fish-farming operation they say would be among the largest private capital investment projects in the economically distressed region’s history.

Ohio Brothers Make Aquaculture Dream a Reality

It’s uncommon to find local Ohio seafood, but the Waldock brothers have found a way to produce seafood locally nearly 600 miles from the closest ocean.

Aquaculture Growth Means Job Opportunities In Maine

November 5, 2020 Bangor Daily News

As we approach winter, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the challenges in the seafood industry since the start of the pandemic and the need to continue to support an industry that feeds millions of Americans a year.

New Process Increases Stakeholder Input on Variances to ASC Standards

ASC is strengthening its Variance Requests (VR) process with greater opportunity for stakeholders such as local communities and NGOs to contribute to decisions on local variances to ASC standards.