ARS Researchers are Developing Ecofriendly Practices for Atlantic Salmon Production

December 27, 2022 USDA ERS

When choosing food at the supermarket, consumers often focus on the appearance, texture, flavor, and nutritional content. These quality factors are also a priority for food suppliers such as fish farmers, who must balance these priorities with minimizing their environmental impacts of production. The researchers at the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute (TCFFI) in West Virginia are helping fish farmers meet both these goals by employing sustainable fish production practices.

Sustainable Aquaculture Pioneer Forever Oceans Completes Environmental Footprint Assessment

December 22, 2022 Forever Oceans

Cutting edge, deep-water aquaculture company Forever Oceans today announced results of an environmental assessment conducted by the global conservation organization The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Forever Oceans, which has developed its offshore operations to not only be scalable but more sustainable than other forms of marine finfish aquaculture, is currently raising Kanpachi off the West coast of Panama and selling product in the United States.

Swimming With The Big Fish: Jonesport Aquaculture Facility Gets Final Approval

December 9, 2022 Laurie Schreiber, MaineBiz

Kingfish Maine last week received the final approval it needed to establish a land-based aquaculture operation in Jonesport.

Washington Won’t Renew Leases For Puget Sound Fish Farms

November 15, 2022 Associated Press

The Washington state Department of Natural Resources said Monday it will not renew a fish-farming company’s last remaining leases on net pens in Puget Sound.

Transforming Aquaculture: ASC Releases its first Annual Report

With the first Annual Report “Transforming Aquaculture,” the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) looks back on 2021 and reflects on the 10 years since the first aquaculture farm achieved ASC certification.