Grieg Seafood Joins Forces With 17 Leading Industry and Research Institutions in Push to Develop Low-Emission Offshore Aquaculture

September 7, 2021 Grieg Seafood

The consortium aims to reduce the environmental impact and improve fish welfare through innovations within offshore and closed technologies, biology, fish feed, electrification, digitalization and logistics. The project is granted 96 million NOK from the Norwegian Research Council.

Blumar Releases Its First Salmon Brand Raised Without Antibiotics: Laguna Blanca

September 1, 2021 BluGlacier

Under the premise of uniting its sustainability and business strategies, Chilean salmon producer Blumar launched Laguna Blanca, its first brand raised without antibiotics, to continue to generate actions that allow a sustainable development of salmon aquaculture.

ASC Launches Consultation on New Requirements to Improve Welfare of Farmed Fish

The ASC is consulting the public on new requirements to improve the welfare of farmed fish that take advantage of new developments and research to cover issues including water quality, stocking density and slaughter.

Northwest Aquaculture Alliance Names New Executive Committee

The Northwest Aquaculture Alliance today announced the election of a new slate of officers.

Opponents of Aquaculture Operation in Belfast Go to Court

August 25, 2021 Associated Press

Opponents of Nordic Aquafarms are suing over the Belfast City Council’s unanimous decision to use eminent domain to get an easement across a piece of disputed mudflat.