Data Indicates 2020 Recorded the Highest Percentage of Pollock Consumed by Americans Being of U.S. Origin and Eligible to be Marketed as Wild Alaska Pollock

Based on GAPP’s analysis of 2020 production and trade data, it is clear that Americans are increasingly looking for their Pollock to be Wild Alaska Pollock with a record 61 percent of all Pollock fillets consumed domestically last year being of U.S. origin, GAPP announced.

Surimi Seafood Study Shows Consumers Consider Wild Alaska Pollock a Plus

Consumers long thought to have been put off by terminology used by surimi seafood products in the U.S. market may be able to put those fears to rest after research indicated that consumers are not put off by ‘imitation’ labels and see information about surimi seafood’s origin—Wild Alaska Pollock—as a huge bonus, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced today.

GAPP Board Approves Almost $ 1.5 Million in Funding for 12 Partnerships Under its North American Partnership Program

This substantial investment will fund twelve unique projects that bring Wild Alaska Pollock in new forms and new channels, or associated with influencers, to market in very exciting ways to North American consumers over the next year. Significantly, the partners in this round have committed to supporting the program with matching funds that more than quadruple the GAPP investment, helping to further build demand and raise awareness for Wild Alaska Pollock.

GAPP CEO Extols Wild Alaska Pollock’s Sustainability Virtues at ‘Purpose Summit’ Investors, Marketers about Wild Alaska Pollock

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) Chief Executive Officer Craig Morris presented today as part of panel of innovative leaders at the Purpose Summit, an event hosted by Barkley U.S. and Jefferies. Morris extolled the virtues of Wild Alaska Pollock, particularly its strong sustainability story and trend towards new, innovative products to the audience of investors, venture capitalists and brand marketing practitioners at the New York City event.

GAPP Encourages Applications for its Third Round of North American Partnership Program

GAPP has fully $1.7 million available for this third round of funding under the program. All proposals are due to GAPP by October 1st, and will then be reviewed by the appropriate GAPP Committee and the Board of Directors. Final funding announcements will be made no later than December 15th.