Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet Is Partnering With Avocado Grower, Valvilla Produce

September 18, 2019 Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet

Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Valvilla Produce. This is a true example of Greenyard’s mission to partner with the best suppliers, from fork to field, to meet consumers’ needs while creating value for all.

La Bonanza Opens Refrigerated Import Warehouse

September 10, 2019 La Bonanza

La Bonanza, Mx, Uruapan, Mexico, opened its new Import office and distribution facility in Mission, TX, just outside of McAllen, TX. The new refrigerated facility will allow La Bonanza to service the United States with fresh avocados and processed Guacamole products.

Index Fresh Partners With Growers in Colombia to Offer Fruit in U.S. Market

August 14, 2019 Index Fresh

“The Colombian avocados allow Index Fresh to build on the success that we’ve been developing for over a century. The Hass industry in Colombia is young and vibrant. There are very few trees in the country that are over ten years old,” said Giovanni Cavaletto, Vice President of Sourcing at Index Fresh.

Apeel and Nature’s Pride Team Up To Take The Food Waste Fight To Europe

February 5, 2019 Apeel Sciences

Subject to EU regulatory approval, Nature’s Pride plans to integrate Apeel’s plant-derived food waste prevention technology across its expansive avocado value chain, which will bring Apeel Avocados — avocados with double the edible shelf life on average — to European households for the first time.

Australia’s Biggest Fruit and Veggie Producer Loses 900M After Demand For Avocados Plunges

January 14, 2019 Kelsey Wilkie, Daily Mail

Australians love for avocado appears to be slipping as the country’s biggest fruit and vegetable producer sees its share prices plunge.