Baked by Melissa Launches Company’s First Vegan Cupcake Collection

September 6, 2019 Baked by Melissa

“The process for creating Vegan was totally different than anything we’ve done before,” said President and Founder Melissa Ben-Ishay. “We had to create entirely new cake, icing, stuffing and topping recipes – how fun is that?! This new category is allowing me to work with new ingredients that I love and have not yet used for Baked by Melissa.”

Baked By Melissa’s Founder Says Her Greatest Success Started With Getting Fired

If you’ve eaten a miniature cupcake recently, chances are Melissa Ben-Ishay had a hand in it. But before she began her life as a professional baker, Ben-Ishay attempted to embark on a more traditional corporate career path, working as an assistant media planner at an advertising agency — until she was fired. Below, Ben-Ishay tells Bustle how losing that job was actually an important turning point, and why “failure” can actually be a great wake-up call.