Don’t “Fall” Behind! Plan for Fall Baking Flavors

July 20, 2022 BakeMark

Even though it’s still hot and sunny outside, fall will be here before you know it! You need to be prepared! It’s never too early to start getting ready for some Fall baking flavor ideas. Let BakeMark help you be ready to go long before the season even gets here.

Over 130 Years of History…BakeMark History

July 8, 2022 BakeMark

The year was 1892. What a great year this was. Ellis Island began receiving immigrants in 1892. The first escalator was patented in 1892. It is also in 1892 that Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was first recognized as a national holiday. That is also the year BakeMark’s history began. What started with food ingredients supply in 1892 has grown for 130 years to become something very special. From there the BakeMark supplier history just started to boom!

Summer Holidays? There are More than The Calendar Says

June 29, 2022 BakeMark

Summer is full of hidden opportunities for sales and profits that you can’t see on the calendar.  Except for Flag Day (June 14), Father’s Day (June 19), and Independence Day (July 4), there are no “automatic” annual Summer holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Do not fear!  Summer is a time when the demand for sweets is at its highest. You need to be at-the-ready and creative with high quality, refreshing baked goods throughout the season.  Summer is the time for social events and gatherings – as well as countless graduations. So every day has the potential to be a big day! 

HOORAY, it is Almost National Donut Day

June 1, 2022 BakeMark

What are you doing on Friday, June 3rd? Well, it’s National Donut Day, so I hope you’re planning to enjoy some delicious donuts from one of your valued donut shops. Better yet, you do not have to wait until June 3rd, as the celebrating can start now!

BakeMark: It’s Sprinkling Summer Sales & Profits

May 20, 2022 Bakemark

This year, adding incremental profit margins to your display case is as easy as adding Sprinkelina Summer Toppings to your everyday product lineup.  Really!  BakeMark has created a complete line of sprinkles, nonpareil, sequins, confetti, and glitter to help you increase the profitability of your display case.  Simple labor.  Beautiful, themed colors.  And inexpensive ingredients will turn your simple products into value-added premium dessert and holiday items.