A Wholesale Grocery Will Deliver Directly to the Public

Baldor Specialty Foods, a wholesale grocer based in the Bronx, will open for retail sales starting today. The company, which distributes products to stores, restaurants and institutions throughout the Northeast, will provide home delivery of more than 6,000 various items within a 50-mile radius of its Bronx warehouse.

Baldor Specialty Foods Postpones BITE 2020 in Light of Coronavirus Outbreak in NYC

March 12, 2020 Baldor Specialty Foods

Baldor Specialty Foods announced today that it is postponing the Baldor BITE expo scheduled for April 28th because of increased health and safety concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak in the New York City metro area. The event will be re-scheduled for September 9th, 2020.

Baldor Specialty Foods Teams Up With Select Farming Partners to Host a Farmers Market at BITE 2020

March 9, 2020 Baldor Specialty Foods

Baldor Specialty Foods, one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, announced they will be partnering with select farms from across their network of suppliers to host a farmers market at their upcoming BITE celebration in April.

Baldor Specialty Foods Announces BITE 2020, A Celebration of the Industry’s Best Food and Top Talent

March 4, 2020 Baldor Specialty Foods

Baldor BITE 2020 is an all-day best-in-class expo that promotes responsible sourcing — and unabashed noshing.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls will Honor Baldor Specialty Foods at 2019 Ultimate Tailgate Party

August 22, 2019 Baldor Specialty Foods

Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ 9th annual Ultimate Tailgate Party returns this year on November 3rd. Baldor Specialty Foods will be honored with the Thomas M. Menino Award for Leadership for their commitment to sustainability throughout every aspect of the supply chain to optimize environmental and social best practices.