Steak Prices Decline on Waning Demand

August 24, 2022 Breck Dumas, FOXBusiness

The price of steak fell slightly last month, driven by a drop in demand from consumers as Americans shift their protein preferences to lower-priced options while persistent inflation continues to squeeze their grocery budgets.

Why are US Beef Prices Soaring?

October 28, 2021 Michelle Cheng, Quartz

Food in the US is getting more expensive, and that’s largely being driven by rising beef prices. In the past year, the consumer price index for food rose 0.9%, while the index for beef rose 17.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Retail Beef Price Drop Reflects Lower Wholesale Prices

Beef consumers should be seeing lower prices on beef, whether steaks or ground chuck, at grocery stores as production increased and wholesale prices continue to decline, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert.

Consumer Beef Prices Rise Almost 23 Percent In May

Consumers craving hamburgers, steaks, and brisket paid high prices for the beef they purchased in May ahead of Memorial Day. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said retail beef prices rose 22.9% in May, with chuck and round cuts of beef rising 28.7% and 28.5%, respectively.

‘Something Isn’t Right’: U.S. Probes Soaring Beef Prices

Supermarket customers are paying more for beef than they have in decades during the coronavirus pandemic. But at the same time, the companies that process the meat for sale are paying farmers and ranchers staggeringly low prices for cattle.