Nicaraguan Beef Processor and Exporter ‘Nuevo Carnic’ Expanding Presence in U.S. Marketplace

January 12, 2021 Nuevo Carnic

Nicaragua is internationally recognized as a global leader in premium beef sourcing, exporting more of its domestic beef production than any other country – more than 95%. Founded in 1962, Nuevo Carnic is the oldest and most respected Nicaraguan beef processor and exporter, providing a wide variety of beef products vacuum packed for restaurants and grocery markets.

Cargill to Reopen Canadian Beef Plant After Coronavirus Outbreak

December 31, 2020 Reuters

Cargill Inc plans to begin reopening its Guelph, Ontario beef processing plant next week on Tuesday, days after it closed the facility due to an outbreak of COVID-19 infections among workers, the company said.

Company to Open Beef Processing Facility in S. Idaho

August 10, 2020 Associated Press

Agri Beef announced plans to build the plant that will operate as True West Beef in Jerome and will be able to process 500 cattle a day.