New Infographic Illustrates Beef’s MVP Status

September 23, 2019 Beef Checkoff

Plant-based proteins may be driving headlines, but beef is the most valuable protein when it comes to sales, sustenance and sustainability.

Researcher Leading Effort to Increase Marbling in Beef Without Increasing Overall Fatness

September 16, 2019 GEORGE WATSON, Texas Tech Today

Brad Johnson, the Gordon W. Davis Regent’s Chair in Meat Science and Muscle Biology in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech University, hopes to unlock one of those secrets to beef marbling without making the cattle fatter and unhealthy.

Consumers Celebrate Winter Holidays With Beef

August 23, 2019 ALISON KREBS, Beef Checkoff

While summer grilling season remains in full swing, retailers will soon turn to winter holiday planning when beef will again, take center-stage. Ground Beef, Chuck Center Roasts, Ribeye Steaks and other options will remain in shoppers’ carts through back-to-school and the fall, but beef takes December holidays to a whole other level.

Alberta Beef Producers say They’re Ahead of the Curve as Consumers Look For Sustainable Meat

August 20, 2019 CBC News

Calls to consume less meat to protect the environment have some ranchers in Alberta turning their focus to more sustainable meat production.

Beef Drove 2018 Meat Department Sales

February 21, 2019 Beef Checkoff

Year-end sales data has arrived and 2018 was an excellent year for beef at retail. Compared to 2017, monthly beef dollar sales were higher throughout the year and total beef sales increased 6.0% nationwide, on sharply higher volumes accompanied by stronger prices (see chart).1As noted previously, these positive factors combined to drive consumer demand for beef higher.2