Alaska Snow Crab Fishery Saw Steep Decline. This Reporter Went ‘Into the Ice’ to See it for Himself.

Bering Sea crabbers and communities in the region are struggling with a steep decline in snow crab this year, likely the result of climate change.

Bering Sea Snow Crab Deemed ‘Overfished’

After a sudden decline in the stock last year, federal managers have officially designated Bering Sea snow crab as overfished and are working on a plan to rebuild the stock.

Alaska Snow Crab Harvest Slashed By Nearly 90% After Population Crash In A Warming Bering Sea

October 12, 2021 Hal Bernton, Seattle Times

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game set the 2022 snow crab harvest at the lowest level in more than 40 years, a move to protect populations that appear to have crashed during a period of higher temperatures in the Bering Sea.

Bering Sea Cod Fishery Opens 2020 in Alaska

Alaska’s seafood industry is “open for business” starting Jan. 1, when some of the biggest fisheries get underway long before the start of the first salmon runs in mid-May.