WinCup’s phade Straw Shows Complete Biodegradation in a Controlled Marine Environment in Just 58 Days in New Time-lapse Video

August 17, 2021 WinCup

The video and report are the result of a project conducted by Keypoint Intelligence, a product testing firm, that involved placing phade® in two unique saltwater tank environments and monitoring the biodegradation process. While petroleum-based plastic straws are estimated to take at least 200 years to biodegrade, this project showed that phade®, made with PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), a substrate derived from the fermentation of canola oil, achieved complete biodegradation in just 58 days.

Sustainable Packaging – Koen Pack is Looking Forward to Further Development in 2019

December 28, 2018 Koen Pack

In 2018 Koen Pack and its customers invested heavily in the development of less environmentally harmful packaging for flowers and plants. Koen Pack has not only expanded its collections with environmental friendly products. Koen Pack has also introduced more sustainable materials such as covers made from biodegradable plastics (PLA) and sleeves and pot covers made of compostable Hydropaper.