Egg Innovations’ Blue Sky Family Farms Introduces Helpful Hens Product Line — Eggs That Are Better for the Planet

August 10, 2021 Blue Sky Family Farms

Blue Sky Family Farms, the brand creating humane, ethical eggs, announces today the launch of Helpful Hens, a line of free-range, pasture-raised eggs sustainably farmed with regenerative practices. The introduction of the Helpful Hens product line signifies Blue Sky Family Farm’s dedication to continuously explore regenerative agriculture techniques that create a vibrant ecosystem for its hens to thrive, beginning with its six family-owned regenerative farms that are being unveiled in 2021.

Blue Sky Family Farms Let Chickens Be Chickens

October 2, 2020 Blue Sky Family Farms

John Brunnquell, Ph.D, President & CEO of Egg Innovations, the parent company of the Blue Sky Family Farms brand, has concluded from decades of experience and research that chickens encouraged to behave according to their nature lay nutritionally-dense, healthier, and more delicious eggs.