New Survey Shows Blueberries Are Registered Dietitians’ No. 1 Recommended Fruit

The survey from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC), in partnership with Today’s Dietitian, found that 86 percent of the surveyed RDs said they recommend blueberries frequently or always. The other fruits making the top of the list were strawberries, apples and oranges.

The Case of the Pirated Blueberries: Courts Flex New Muscle to Protect Plant Breeders’ Intellectual Property

December 2, 2019 David Jefferson, EconoTimes

A few weeks ago, the Federal Court of Australia ordered a farmer in New South Wales to pay A$290,000 to a blueberry-producing company because he had grown and sold a proprietary variety of the fruit without permission.

North Bay Produce, Inc. Receives a Grant to Purchase Compostable Packaging Equipment for Blueberries

September 4, 2019 North Bay Produce

North Bay is making efforts to reduce plastic waste while bringing consumers the freshest products available. Purchasing compostable packaging equipment will help reduce the amount of plastic used for traditional clam shells by up to 34 percent.

Peru to Host the Next International Blueberry Organization Summit in 2020

The IBO Summit brings the global blueberry industry together under one roof every 12 to 18 months to address common challenges and identify new opportunities. It has become the most important event on the blueberry industry’s calendar.

Blueberries’ Potential Health Benefits: Evidence Reviewed in New Paper

The paper acknowledges that while more clinical research is needed, the ways is which blueberry consumption contributes to a healthy diet are becoming more clear.