Bonduelle Fresh Americas Institutes Agricultural Water Safety Plans for 2019 California Growing Season

“Safety has always been our highest priority and Bonduelle Fresh Americas continues to be committed to delivering the safe, fresh and healthy products our customers and consumers have come to expect from us,” said Bonduelle Fresh Americas CEO Mary Thompson. “Since day one, we have been a part of the initiative to heighten agricultural water standards and truly believe it is critical to do so as soon as possible to protect our leafy greens supply from possible agricultural water contamination.”

Bonduelle Fresh Americas Furthers its Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact with Cogeneration System

February 27, 2019 Bonduelle Fresh Americas

This integrated system will simultaneously supply the plant with electricity while using the waste heat to provide chilled water to the facility through an absorption chiller. This system will decrease overall energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the plant’s carbon footprint.