California Giant Berry Farms Forecasts Strong Pacific Northwest Blueberry Supplies 

The Pacific Northwest blueberry season has officially begun, with strong conventional harvests out of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia with all regions reporting excellent flavor and size. Likewise, organic harvests are underway and ramping up stateside—with premium fruit being reported. Peak volumes of conventional and organic fruit will be available throughout the month of July, with an abundance of blueberries available through early-September.  

California Giant Berry Farms Announces Inaugural Chef Invitational Academy; Celebrates Former Top Chef Winners

California Giant Berry Farms announced the launch of the California Giant Chef Invitational Academy, a unique program designed to empower and inspire its past California Giant Chef Invitational winners, while elevating berries as a menu item. 

California Giant Berry Farms Forecasts Strong California Strawberry Supplies

A bountiful harvest of California strawberries has arrived for California Giant Berry Farms, as the company shares news of giant volumes of its cornerstone product. The berry purveyor’s high yields and volumes of excellent quality fruit ensures peak promotable volumes of California strawberries throughout the coming months. 

California Giant Berry Farms Celebrates National Philanthropy Day

November 15, 2023 California Giant Berry Farms

In celebration of National Philanthropy Day, California Giant Berry Farms announced the distribution of $53,500 to ten non-profit organizations via its own philanthropic initiative, The California Giant Foundation.

California Giant Berry Farms Hosts 17th Annual Skirt Steak BBQ Fundraiser; Raises Over $19,000 for Community Non-Profits

California Giant Berry Farms shared details from its successful Skirt Steak BBQ fundraising event—which resulted in over $19,000.00 raised for the California Giant Foundation, the company’s 501(c)3 non-profit that distributes funds to organizations making a positive change in health and wellness for current and future generations.