New Clinical Research Shows Vitamin C-Packed Strawberries Have Positive Health Impact

Six studies on strawberries’ health impacts will be presented at Nutrition 2020, the annual American Society for Nutrition meeting where professionals gather to advance nutrition science and its practical application.

Safety at Work on California Strawberry Farms

A new video produced by the California Strawberry Commission (CSC) highlights how strawberry farmers, in the midst of peak harvest season and during a global pandemic, are implementing safety practices in the fields to keep their employees healthy, and ensure they are providing safe, delicious and nutritious strawberries for consumers.

Enhanced Safety Practices – Key to Prevent COVID-19 on California Strawberry Farms

Over the past nine weeks, the California Strawberry Commission’s (CSC) bilingual outreach and training team has been in the fields providing guidance and training to ensure the safety of our vital workforce in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Protecting the health and safety of each and every worker is the goal of the commission’s outreach campaign.

California Strawberry Growers and Farm Workers Pick Safety

I Pick Safety is a new effort from the California Strawberry Commission to highlight farm worker safety and industry-leading training and safety practices by emphasizing that everybody is responsible to always pick safety.

Strawberry Consumption Improves Heart Health in Teenaged Males

The 2019 Berry Health Benefits Symposium resulted in a collection of papers recently published in the journal Food & Function. Among the papers was “Effects of short-term consumption of strawberry powder on select parameters of vascular health in adolescent males” authored by Roberta Holt, Carl Keen, and their team at University of California, Davis.