Consumer Insights Say Beef is Doing Well at Staying at the Center of The Plate

Insights and perceptions derived from 2019 Consumer Beef Tracker data, presented by Rick Husted, NCBA vice president of strategic planning and market research, at the 2020 Midwest American Society of Animal Science meeting in Omaha. Overall, beef is doing well.

The Porsche of Beef

If USDA Choice were a basic Volkswagen, U.S. cattlemen should be producing the Audis and Porsches made by the same company.

Rising To The Occasion: Animal Welfare Concerns Meet Science and Transparency

Cattlemen and consumers share the desire to serve their families safe, high-quality meals, but both are starting to share a deeper understanding of beef from pasture to plate.

BQA Helps Ease Consumer Minds About How Cattle Are Raised

December 27, 2019 Certified Angus Beef Brand

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association executive director of producer education and sustainability said, “BQA positively impacts consumer confidence, and we see more and more supply chain interest as well. Buyers of cattle and beef are interested in knowing producers are taking the time and initiative to get certified.”

Prime Opportunities Highlight Certified Angus Beef Outlook

Sales tonnage for the Prime extension has been on a four-year climb, and up 36.6% in 2019 alone. Traditionally, foodservice partners marketed nearly all of that supply, but ’19 saw an amazing 90% increase in retail sales.