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A New Creamery in Olde Kensington Pays Homage to Pennsylvania’s Rich Dairy Culture

April 8, 2021 Dayna Evans,

With eight cheeses a year, plus drinkable yogurt, kefir, and whey tonic, the new urban creamery wants to do PA’s rich dairy culture justice.

Local Cheeseboard: Cheesemakers of Upstate New York

April 5, 2021 Diana Testa, Chronogram

Though artisanal cheesemaking dropped off in the Hudson Valley in the 20th century, replaced by commercial operations, the market hungry for small-batch, craft cheese has returned and along with it, a crop of creameries to meet the demand.

PA Cheesemakers Adopt New Business Models to Attract New Clients

Pennsylvania cheesemakers have been forced to seek out new ways to spread the word about their blues, semisoft, tangy and block cheeses.

Cheesemakers are the Pride of Wisconsin

Did you know that National Cheese Day is just around the corner, on June 4? Whether you have a relatively neophyte palate or an experienced one, you can appreciate and celebrate the taste, texture, and versatility of cheese.

Stilton Cheesemakers Warn They Risk Going Bust as Sales Plunge 30%

The UK’s only trademarked cheese risks disappearing with restaurants closed and British shoppers opting for foreign produce instead, an industry body has warned.