Southern Hemisphere Cherries, Growing Exports and Challenges -Rabobank

November 4, 2022 Rabobank

A new Southern Hemisphere sweet cherry season has started, with record volumes expected, which will reveal how the return to normal in each producing country is unfolding, and how the main destination markets will behave in the current global situation.

Stemilt Participates in National Chant at the Moon Day Celebrating A Half Mile Closer to the Moon Cherries

August 15, 2022 Stemilt

Stemilt participated in its national holiday, Chant at the Moon Day, on the morning of August 15th to celebrate A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® cherries. National Chant at the Moon Day is Stemilt’s way of encouraging people to get outside and chant at the moon while enjoying a bag of Moon cherries.

Northwest Cherry Growers: All Five Northwest States in Harvest

July 28, 2022 Northwest Cherry Growers

While most of harvest has progressed to cooler and higher elevation sites, the pace increased moderately over the weekend in orchards with fruit that was ready to pick as some growers took advantage of preferable morning and evening temperatures. 

Stemilt Launches New Crisp Collaborators Campaign to Increase Social Media Engagement

July 19, 2022 Stemilt

Stemilt launched its new Crisp Collaborators program which includes partnerships with 13 social media influencers who will create ongoing content for the Stemilt brand across the U.S. Stemilt kicked off the year-long program with a group video call and shipments of fresh Stemilt apples and fruity swag.

Sweet Northwest Cherries Are in Season Now

Fresh Northwest-grown sweet cherries are available now in produce sections from coast to coast. This delicious summertime superfruit is sweet, juicy and packed with nutrients that support better health. From keeping pain at bay with anti-inflammatory properties to helping reduce stress and improve sleep, sweet cherries are a healthy grab-and-go snack for consumers of all ages.