CMI Orchards invited to present American Dream at White House Made in America Product Showcase

July 12, 2019 CMI Orchards

Businesses from each of the 50 states have been invited to display their products made and produced in the United States. CMI Orchards plans to showcase American-made apples and cherries in their American Dream® label during the event.

CMI Orchards’ Northwest Cherry Season Starts Strong

June 20, 2019 CMI Orchards

The second week of CMI Orchards’ Northwest cherry harvest is underway and off to a strong start. CMI released a new report today highlighting some of the biggest opportunities of the season ahead.

CMI Orchards’ Northwest Cherry Crop Update

May 31, 2019 CMI Orchards

An updated crop report was issued today by CMI Orchards highlighting key opportunities for promoting Northwest cherries this season.

CMI Orchards Committed To Year-Round Supply With Import Partnerships

May 24, 2019 CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards is gearing up for another successful import season with fruit arriving from New Zealand, Argentina and Chile next month. CMI’s import program includes apples, pears and cherries with conventional and organic options in addition to specialty branded apples.

CMI Orchards Joins Skylar Rae Brand Cherries Program

May 17, 2019 CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards LLC announces the company is teaming up with Stemilt Growers to grow and market the industry leading sweetest bi-colored Skylar Rae®® brand cherries.