Floral Pros ‘Show Off’ Size, Global Scope of Industry at SAF’s 43rd Annual Congressional Action Days

On March 21, growers, wholesalers, retail florists and others with ties to the industry met with 70 congressional offices in Washington, D.C. during the Society of American Florists 43rd annual Congressional Action Days to highlight the issues affecting their businesses — and how Congress can help.

SAF to Take Industry Issues to Capitol Hill During 43rd Annual Congressional Action Days

On March 20-21, floral professionals from all segments will gather and meet with key decision makers on Capitol Hill as part of SAF’s 43rd annual Congressional Action Days (CAD). During CAD attendees advocate for the industry with one unified voice, share their stories directly with legislators who can impact change– and experience an insider’s view of Washington D.C. while doing it.

SAF Congressional Action Day Blog by Sahid Nahim of New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers

“This was my first experience with SAF CAD. I was not sure what I was in store for. What was awaiting me was an experience I will remember for a long time. SAF (Society of American Florists) is a national US trade association that represents the floral industry in the US. All are members, from retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to growers, educators, and students. SAF CAD aims to provide marketing, government advocacy, industry information, and best practices for members of the US floral industry.”

Floral Pros Gather in D.C. for SAF’s 42nd Annual Congressional Action Days

Nearly 70 members of Congress and their staffs heard from floral professionals in Washington D.C. on March 29 about the industry’s need for agricultural labor reform, access to duty-free product, and more funds for cutting-edge floriculture research.

SAF Unveils Issues Members Will Bring to Capitol Hill

February 18, 2021 Society of American Florists

On April 13-14, floral industry members will gather virtually with the key decision makers on Capitol Hill. Over a dozen meetings will take place as part of SAF’s annual Congressional Action Days (CAD) making sure floral industry needs are heard.