2020 Cornell Annual Trials Program Field Day Canceled

May 20, 2020 Cornell University

“Sadly, our 2020 Floriculture Field Day has been canceled. But our flower and foliage plant trials will continue. ”

2020 Trials at Cornell Botanic Gardens

February 25, 2020 Cornell University

After a successful first season at Cornell Botanic Gardens in 2019, the Cornell Annual Trials Program will again be held on the grounds adjacent to the Nevin Welcome Center.

Foundational Excellence Program Showcases Latest Research on Generic Promotions, Varietal Development and Consumers’ Response to GMOs

In addition to presenting important research results on the main show day, Professor Rickard has been an important part of the Foundational Excellence program that we present jointly with Cornell University. His role is to get attendees thinking about key issues in the produce industry and he does it by giving riveting, rapid fire summaries of key research he has been conducting related to the industry. So we were very excited when we learned what he planned for the Foundational Excellence program this year.

Non-GM Produce Earns ‘Halo Effect’ Under New Labeling Laws

November 8, 2019 Cornell University

Consumers were more willing to buy unlabeled produce after being shown food tagged as “genetically modified” in a new Cornell University study that comes two months before a new federal law, requiring genetically modified organism disclosure labels on food products, goes into effect.

New, Healthier ‘Butter’ Spread Almost Entirely Water

August 28, 2019 Cornell University

Cornell University food scientists have created a new low-calorie ‘butter’ spread that consists mostly of water. A tablespoon of this low-calorie spread has 2.8 grams of fat and 25.2 calories. Butter, on the other hand, which is 84% fat and about 16% water, has about 11 grams of fat and nearly 100 calories.