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Cruffins, Brookies and Baissants: Hybrids Remain Popular

December 3, 2021 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Consumers all over the world have a soft spot for hybrid bakery goods: traditional patisserie and bakery classics, but with an innovative twist. A new shape, a new combination of tastes, or a new texture – anything that gives a well-known classic a surprising new twist. Back in 2017, we shared 16 popular hybrid concepts like the townie, the bruffin, the cronut and the donnoli. What hybrids have we discovered since? Get inspired by these nine hybrid treats.

The Cronut Took New York By Storm, Here’s Why People Still Line Up to Try One Six Years Later

The doughnut-croissant hybrid was created by world-renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel in 2013. Now if you aren’t familiar with Chef Dominique’s desserts he is famous for his frozen s’mores, his watermelon soft serve, his cookie shots, his DKA, but really the famous one is the Cronut.