ZAG Technical Services Announces New Service Offering

April 4, 2024 ZAG Technical Services

ZAG Technical Services (ZAG), an award-winning IT consulting firm, specializing in information technology, cybersecurity, and data analytics in the Ag and Food & Beverage industries, has announced the release of a new service offering promoting cybersecurity strength that is more accessible to growers and shippers. Releases Cybersecurity Guidance for Produce Suppliers Amidst Growing Threats

August 31, 2022 ProduceSupply.Org

ProduceSupply.Org (PSO), a consortium of North America’s leading produce suppliers working together on technology initiatives in fresh produce, announced today it has released the first revision of the PSO Cybersecurity Best Practices for Produce Suppliers to provide produce companies with a framework to defend and protect themselves from cyberattack.