Hazel Technologies Announces Successful Commercial Results With Tropical Fruit Distributors

July 15, 2019 Hazel Technologies Inc.

Hazel Technologies Inc., announces successful commercial results with multiple leading distributors of tropical fruit. Results include up to 5 days longer shelf-life, reduced shrink rates of up to 50%, and higher sales in several tropical categories, including guava, dragon fruit, passion fruit, “green-skin” avocado, and starfruit.

Mission Produce and Hazel Technologies Partner on Shelf-life Extension of Avocados

January 15, 2019 Mission Produce, Inc.

Mission Produce, Inc. and Hazel Technologies, Inc. announce a partnership to extend the shelf-life of avocados and enhance customer experience. As part of the collaboration, Mission Produce will continue to test (with the aim to integrate) Hazel Technologies’ USDA-funded packaging solution across its global supply chain to reduce waste and shrinkage.