Dairy MAX Welcomes New VP of Industry Image & Relations

September 20, 2022 Dairy MAX

Nonprofit regional dairy council Dairy MAX, which represents more than 900 dairy farmers in eight states, is pleased to announce that Todd Green has been tapped as vice president of industry image and relations.

Dairy MAX Hosts National FARM Program Tour

August 22, 2022 Dairy MAX

With more consumers growing concerned about where their food comes from and its safety, the National Dairy FARM Program works to actively earn the trust of everyone who makes dairy a part of their diet. By setting high standards for animal care, workplace settings, and environmental and antibiotic stewardship, FARM helps ensure the entire industry’s success by demonstrating that U.S. dairy farmers are committed to producing the highest quality milk.

Dairy MAX Releases a Virtual Farm Tour Experience

June 27, 2022 Dairy MAX

 In an ever-changing world surrounded by rapidly changing technology, Dairy MAX knew there was a unique opportunity to connect consumers to local dairy farms. You can now visit a dairy farm from the comfort of your phone or computer with Dairy MAX’s 360-degree Virtual Farm Experience, this 360-degree video will help get consumers closer to being on the dairy farm.

Dairy MAX Celebrates National Dairy Month

June 7, 2022 Dairy MAX

For some, June is the beginning of summer when kids are out of school and families are planning a vacation, but for dairy farmers it is the start of National Dairy Month. This month-long celebration recognizes the commitment dairy farmers have to their animals, their land and their communities. Dairy MAX, a non-profit dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farm families across eight states, will commemorate the annual month-long event by sharing the great news of dairy – a delicious and nutritious, cost efficient food produced by the original environmental stewards, farmers. 

Complexity & Dairy MAX Demonstrate Importance of Nutrition for Gamers

April 11, 2022 Dairy MAX

Forging valuable partnerships to grow trust with consumers to drive sales has always been a priority for Dairy MAX. In early 2021, Dairy MAX was named the Official Nutrition Partner of Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s most elite and longest-standing esports organizations. This partnership is centered around connecting with Generation Z to grow trust in dairy and drive sales among a young age group.