Smith’s Recalls Cheese Dips Due to Possible Bacterial Contamination

August 12, 2020 Cody Miller, KSNV

If you’re planning to host family for a Vegas Golden Knights watch party and got some cheese dip from your favorite Smith’s for the occasion, you may want to make sure it’s not the recall list.

Hope Foods Takes Dips and Spreads Portfolio to the Next Level with NEW Plant-Based Cashew & Almond Dips

August 21, 2019 Hope Foods

Hope Foods, one of the nation’s leading plant-based dips and spreads brands, today announced a new line of Cashew & Almond Dips featuring plant-based versions of favorite dip flavors like French Onion, Red Pepper and even Chocolate.

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New Philadelphia Dips Creates World’s First ‘Double Diptector’ to Catch Double Dippers in the Act

December 17, 2018 The Kraft Heinz Company

The world’s first Double Diptector is a smart device made up of a smart chip and dip bowl that pairs with the Double Diptector App. The Double Diptector catches double dippers in the act at social gatherings. The smart bowl uses inconspicuous pressure sensors inside an average looking chip and dip bowl. Once the bowl is paired with the Diptector app, it can track and catch with almost certainty if a person double dips.