After Years of Delays, CA Dungeness Crab Fishery Opened on Dec. 1

December 2, 2021 Priya Shukla, Forbes

Dungeness crab is a common Christmas delicacy in the Pacific Northwest. However, for the past several years, the fishery’s opening has been delayed due to variety of factors, including migrating whales becoming ensnared in crab traps and toxic domoic acid (from algae blooms) rendering the crab meat unsafe for human consumption. But, this year, it will open on December 1, as it traditionally has for several years prior to the onset of climate change and other human impacts.

Marine Toxin Still Jinxing Crab and Clam Seasons

January 19, 2021 Chinook Observer

It’s a new year but one old problem isn’t going away. The marine toxin domoic acid is now expected to delay the start of commercial crab season into February, while the toxin level found in razor clams continues to torpedo recreational digging.