Raised Donut Production 101A

July 1, 2021 BakeMark

It’s so important to stress the basics of making good raised product to your bakers so that the rest of your donut offering has a firm foundation and a chance to really sing to your customers.

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With BakeMark Donut Mixes, Quality Comes Before Quantity!

June 18, 2021 BakeMark

Unique donut flavors have been popular for quite a few years now. Just looking up “donut flavors” on Google Images gives you a colorful assortment of flavored donuts. No longer stuck with just Vanilla and Chocolate, flavors like Blueberry, Red Velvet, and Lemonade are now common, popular options.

The Long and Shortening of Better Product

May 28, 2021 BakeMark

When it comes to the best donut shortening, BakeMark is your go to. Now keeping the donut shortening in your fryer clean and filtered is a very easy way to improve the quality of your product and keep your customers coming back for more. It’s easy to say but sometimes harder to implement because the end product looks the same whether or not it’s cleaned and filtered. Here are a few answers to questions you may be asking about shortening:

In Response to the Pandemic – Baker Boy Launches Individually Wrapped Donuts Line

April 6, 2021 Baker Boy

Bakery manufacturer Baker Boy is announcing the launch of a new line of individually wrapped donuts under The Donut Hole® brand. A true product of the pandemic, when food safety is more important than ever, these donuts are perfect for foodservice and retail alike.

Falfurrias Capital Partners Announces Investment in Carolina Foods

Charlotte-based private equity firm Falfurrias Capital Partners today announced an investment in Carolina Foods, LLC, a leading manufacturer of sweet baked goods including the company’s own Duchess line of products and several of the world’s largest bakery brands.