Driscoll’s Adopts First-In-Industry Technology Solution to Measure and Reward Berry Sweetness

February 22, 2021 Driscoll’s

Driscoll’s, the leading consumer brand in fresh berries, today announced a partnership with the Israel-based, technology solutions company Consumer Physics to leverage its SCiO technology to innovate Driscoll’s quality measurement process.

Driscoll’s Inspires Berry Lovers at Home to Delight in Sweetness Worth Sharing

October 15, 2020 Driscoll’s

The new, fully-integrated program features a digital-first approach to share the sweetness that’s been part of the company’s DNA for generations and inspires berry lovers to share that sweetness, whether by enjoying Only the Finest Berries™ or embracing simple shared moments with loved ones.

Driscoll’s and Plenty Agree to Grow Strawberries Indoors

October 13, 2020 Driscoll’s

Driscoll’s, the leading consumer brand in fresh berries, and indoor vertical-farming company Plenty Unlimited Inc., today announced a joint development agreement to grow Driscoll’s proprietary flavorful strawberries year-round in Plenty’s vertical indoor farms.

Driscoll’s Rounds Out Premium Flavor Collection with the Launch of Limited Edition Sweetest Batch Blackberries

February 21, 2020 Driscoll’s

Driscoll’s Limited Edition collection is a curated series of best of season, ultra- flavorful offerings bred to give consumers an indulgent new way to experience their favorite fresh berries.

How Driscoll’s Capitalized on a Millennial Drinking Trend

November 29, 2019 Laura Entis, PR Week

Sold at a limited number of stores on the West Coast and available through Fresh Direct on the East Coast, the berries’ late-spring launch aligned with the start of rosé season.