12 Tips to Increase Your Online Floral Sales for Christmas 2021

November 24, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

Christmas is a special time each year when people do their best to bring joy to others and celebrate the spirit of the season. Yet, with the ongoing pandemic and supply issues, many people will be doing their Christmas shopping online this year.

8 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Floral Shop This Holiday Season

November 19, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

This Christmas will see a huge increase in online shopping. Yet, with eased social distancing rules, more people may want to get into the Christmas spirit by checking out some festive stores in person.

From Store to Door: How to Safely Ship Flowers to Your Customers

November 9, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

With the holidays just around the corner, your flower shop is heading into the busiest time of the year. And with so much of your marketing now being done online, you have the potential to reach customers who may be far outside of your regular delivery area. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to give you a simple guide to shipping flowers safely and efficiently. (After all, we do know a bit about the subject.)

How to Practice Upselling to Improve Your Customer Experience

November 4, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

When you think of upselling, what comes to mind? Does it sound pushy? Too “salesy”? Something that makes people uncomfortable? Well, erase those thoughts from your mind! Upselling is a great tool to increase your bottom line.

5 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Increase Your Thanksgiving Floral Sales

October 28, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

Thanksgiving is always a time of gratitude, as well as a time of fierce competition for holiday sales. To help you reach your target customer and break through the noise of everyone else’s marketing campaigns, Rio Roses has compiled a list of five helpful tips.