Keeping Flowers Fresh: New AFE-Funded Research Exploring Alternatives to Ethylene Inhibitors

In the floriculture industry, ethylene’s effects can significantly reduce the quality and longevity of cut flowers during storage and transport. AFE-funded researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have been hard at work trying to find a way to inhibit ethylene’s adverse effects, and recent discoveries may offer promising alternatives to the methods currently in use. 

The Importance of Postharvest Ripening and Testing of Fresh Produce

April 20, 2023 Catalytic Generators

Postharvest handling of some fruits involves additional steps that are critical to their success at retail.  Ripening with ethylene ensures that several of these commodities are at their ideal ripeness and will properly reach a dependable, ready-to-eat stage at the right time.  Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that various fruits release as they enter their climacteric stage, the period when fruit respiration increases and starches convert to sugars.

Some Popular Foliage Plants are Ethylene Sensitive

People working at home during the pandemic rediscovered the benefits of adding foliage plants to enhance their work environments. Sales of these long lasting plants surged dramatically during 2020 and 2021.  During this period and in the past, suppliers had noticed some problems with leaf drop and leaf edge burn—symptoms that are associated with drying out, exposure to temperature extremes, and importantly, ethylene damage.

Ethylene Generators Exempted From Fire Codes in Ripening Rooms

January 7, 2021 Catalytic Generators

Catalytic Generators’ unique ethylene systems comply with the international testing standards of TÜV (TÜV SÜD America) which exempts ripeners from making special room adaptions for international fire code compliance within ripening rooms.

Ethylene Control Inc. has Brand-New VOC Oxidizing Products

November 19, 2020 Ethylene Control Inc.

Dave Biswell President of Ethylene Control Inc. is proud to announce that we have added Three new Stay Fresh products to our lineup for produce and floral protection. Stay Fresh destroys all forms of microbial life including fungi molds and rots, viruses, and all forms of bacteria and their spores.