EU Says a Post-Brexit Shellfish Export Ban is Indefinite, After Government Claimed it Was Only Temporary

February 8, 2021 Adam Payne, Politics Home

The European Union has told the UK shellfish industry that thousands of tonnes of oyster, mussel, clam, cockle and scallop exports are banned from the bloc indefinitely.

European Lemons Are #1 in World Lemon Production for 2020

According to data from the World Citrus Organization, Europe led the world lemon production in 2020 with 1,871,011 tons produced.

National Fisheries Institute Statement on Opening the EU Market to U.S. Lobster

Today’s announcement from the Trump Administration that tariffs on live and frozen U.S. lobster exports to the European Union (EU) have been immediately eliminated is a genuine breakthrough in efforts to open more markets to high quality, sustainable American seafood.

North American Meat Institute Applauds Expanded Access for US Beef Exports to European Union

“We again thank the Administration for prioritizing the expansion of markets for U.S. meat products,” said Meat Institute President and CEO Julia Anna Potts.

U.S. and EU to Announce Beef Deal at White House on Friday

August 2, 2019 Jenny Leonard, Bloomberg

President Donald Trump will formally announce a deal to open up the European Union to more beef exports after the bloc carved out quotas from other nations earlier this year, people familiar with the plans said.