American Cheese is Being Devoured in Asia, Export Data Show

U.S. exports of American cheese — including the processed staple coveted for melty grilled cheese sandwiches — are surging as buyers in Asia devour the stuff. 

IDDBA Conducting Live Webinars in May, June

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) is conducting live webinars in May and June. Webinars are open to both IDDBA members and nonmembers.

Guatemalan Exporters of Agricultural Products Call on Maritime Shipping Lines and on Airlines to Help to Improve Guatemala’s Rural Competitiveness and Prevent Migration to The United States

More than hundreds of thousands of producers of fresh and frozen agriculture products in rural Guatemala rely on the income generated from exports to markets like the United States. Yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic, strong competition from other countries, climate challenges and ever increasing maritime and air freight shipping costs, the income of thousands of agriculture families are at risk, putting thousands of jobs at stake and leaving migration to the United States as the only solution for producers in rural areas to obtain the income and economic viability to support their families.

Canada’s Red Meat Industry Seeks Government Action Over China Situation

September 5, 2019 Canadian Meat Council

The cost of the “temporary suspension” of Canadian pork and beef exports to China imposed on June 25 is approaching $100 million and the longer it continues, the greater the risk to Canadian jobs. As we enter the third month of suspension, the pork and beef sectors are calling on the Government to make clear their strategy to reopen the Chinese market and ensure we have more options for export diversification when such issues arise.

Sun World’s Export Volume Growth Leads to Increased Sales and Brand Recognition in International Markets

December 17, 2018 Sun World International

Grape category leader Sun World International has grown their export volume tremendously over the past few years. Growth can be attributed to strong brand presence overseas and strengthened partnerships with receivers.