Amanda Archila Joins Fairtrade America as New Executive Director

March 1, 2023 Fairtrade America

Fairtrade America, the world’s most recognized label for social justice and sustainability, is pleased to announce that Amanda Archila has today joined the organization as Executive Director. Archila comes to Fairtrade America with more than 15 years of experience working in a range of industries, from natural food to e-commerce retail and consumer electronics. Archila also brings an extensive fair trade advocacy background and passion for the organization. 

Study Shows 69% of U.S. Consumers Demand Verification of Retailer & Brand Claims About Sustainability

January 12, 2023 Marine Stewardship Council

Fairtrade America, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and the Non-GMO Project have partnered to launch the “Little Labels, Big Impact” campaign to draw attention to third-party certification labels on food products that help build more sustainable and resilient food systems for people and the planet. Nearly 70% of American seafood consumers demand that retailers’ and brands’ claims about sustainability and the environment be clearly labeled and third-party verified (GlobeScan 2023).

Fairtrade America Launches “It’s Only Fair” Campaign Asking How Long Americans Would Work For Just $1 to Raise Awareness of the Unfair Price Cocoa Farmers Earn for Their Beloved Crop

July 7, 2022 Fairtrade America

Timed with July 7 World Chocolate Day, Fairtrade America, the world’s most recognized label for social justice and sustainability, has launched a national campaign to generate broader awareness of the unjust price that farmers receive to produce the goods that we rely on everyday, including cocoa. The “It’s Only Fair,” campaign features three videos connecting shoppers in the U.S. to smallholder cocoa farmers in West Africa and the dire issues farmers are facing around the world by disrupting people’s routines with the simple question, “How long would you work for $1?”

Fairtrade America Celebrates National Banana Day With an Appeal to Americans to Support a Fair Deal in the Banana Supply Chain

April 20, 2022 Fairtrade America

This National Banana Day, April 20, Fairtrade America – an independent, third party certification that partners with farmers and workers in countries historically disadvantaged by trade to negotiate better prices, decent working conditions, and a fairer deal overall – calls for greater support for the more than 450 million people around the world whose livelihoods depend on banana and plantain farming.