Grocery and Foodservice Industries to Leverage New GS1 US Implementation Guideline

June 15, 2021 GS1 US

GS1 US has published a new implementation guideline for the grocery and foodservice industries, advising how extended product data can be captured using Electronic Product Code-enabled/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID).

FDA Issues Standard of Identity for Yogurt After Decades of Advocacy From Dairy Industry

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it will issue a final rule to modernize the standard of identity for yogurt.

Smilin’ Bob’s Voluntarily Recalls Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip Products Because of Possible Health Risk

June 9, 2021 FDA

Smilin’ Bob’s is voluntarily recalling Smilin’ Bob’s Original Smoked Fish Dip and Smilin’ Bob’s All Natural Smoked Fish Dip. This recall is being initiated as a result of the Banner Smoked Fish, Inc. recall of smoked fish due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. Smilin’ Bob’s used the recalled smoked fish from Banner Smoked Fish, Inc in the products listed below.

Interstate Food Products Recalls Little Hatches Jalapeno Cream Cheese, Sell by Date Is 5/21 and Queso, Spicy Queso, Sell by Date of 5/28 Because of Possible Health Risk

June 8, 2021 FDA

Interstate Food Products of Lakewood Colorado, is recalling Jalapeno Cream Cheese, Queso,and Spicy Queso, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria.

Banner Smoked Fish Expands Recalls Smoked Fish Products, Salads, Pickled Fish Products, and Cream Sauce Products Because of Possible Health Risk

June 7, 2021 FDA

Banner Smoked Fish, Inc. of Brooklyn, NY is voluntarily expending recalling its SMOKED FISH, SALADS, PICKLED FISH PRODUCTS, and CREAM SAUCE PRODUCTS of all products within expiry, in all package sizes, all package types and all lots.