Clean Labels and Ethnically Sourced Foods are Mattering More to Meat Eaters, reports Packaged Facts

February 19, 2021 Packaged Facts

Even with the growing availability of meat alternatives, many Americans are reducing rather completely eliminating their consumption of animal proteins, with the added caveat that they are doing so while seeking out meat raised in more ethical manners with cleaner labels, reports Packaged Facts in a market research study.

Plant-Based Protein Budding with Organic and Clean Label Food Shoppers

September 12, 2019 Packaged Facts

Consumers are increasingly more adventurous with what they eat and more consider themselves flexitarian than in the past.

The F Word: Flexitarian is Not a Curse to the Meat Industry

July 25, 2019 Nielsen Company

Contrary to popular opinion, plant-based alternatives will not be the demise of traditional meat—thanks in part to the rising concept of “flexitarian.” Not familiar with the term? It’s the latest dietary trend in the food arena, except it’s far less restrictive than options like keto, alkaline and tapeworm diets.