Bring On The Bounce-Back In Floral

The next normal is said to be around the corner, and strategic retailers will provide joyful items in Floral to help consumers transition from deprivation to celebration.

World Autism Awareness Day 2020 – Keep On Blooming

To stay connected during the pandemic, E. Shaunn Alderman of FLORAL BUSINESS magazine sends flower photos to friends in agriculture and horticulture – especially those involved in the autism community.

Carnivorous Plants and Fairy Gardens Provide Entertainment and Education

Boutique wholesale nursery in Central Florida encourages supermarkets and garden centers to continue offering easy-care terrariums and fun plants for families.

Emerging Floral in China

The floral world in China is expanding and becoming more like the U.S. market. While mass market floral sales in China in supermarkets and convenience stores have yet to be developed, e-commerce companies are increasingly playing a significant role in delivering fresh-cut flower bouquets to consumers in China.

Perfection Is Overrated

Giving flowers, and giving oneself to the task of creating something special for others, brings about true happiness. If you are looking to experience happiness and share that feeling with others, try sharing flowers. It’s a simple act and it works – and perfection is not required.